Video At Pennsylvania Trump Rally Exposes Biden’s Globalist, Pro-China, Free Trade Track Record

President Donald Trump played a video at a Pennsylvania ‘MAGA’ rally on Monday that thoroughly documented Joe Biden’s lengthy, enduring support of globalist free trade and pro-China policies.

In the video, Joe Biden can be heard defending a soft-on-China trade and economic approach, a policy he has promoted over his decades of work in public office.

We want to see China rise.

We talk about China as out competitor… We should be helping.

China is going to eat our lunch? C’mon man! They’re not bad folks, folks.”

The video also breaks down Joe Biden’s false claim that he never advocating for banning fracking, revealing clips in which he responds affirmatively to ending “fossil fuels and fracking” and reemphasizing he’d allow “no new fracking” as President of the United States.

The outsourcing of jobs to cheap-labor countries such as China has devastated many communities in states such as Pennsylvania, which formerly were home to the United States’ manufacturing sector.

Biden has pitched himself as a blue-collar working class guy on the campaign trail, but he hasn’t “worked with his hands”(a phrase he frequently uses) since he went to law school in his early 20’s. President Trump has worked in the world of construction for decades, employing countless contractors, tradesmen and skilled professionals.

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