VIDEO: BLM Mob Runs Wild In Rochester, New York; Storming Restaurants, Climbing Onto Roofs of Homes

A raucous mob of Black Lives Matter rioters ran amok throughout the city of Rochester, New York on Friday night, inflicting considerable property damages on the city’s commercial downtown and even targeting residential areas of the city for mob action.

The mob was set off by the release of video footage detailing the arrest of Daniel Prude. Prude, a 41-year old black man, was arrested by Rochester Police while publicly naked and high on PCP. Police used a mask to prevent him from assailing them with saliva. Prude became incapacitated in a state of delirium, and later died at a hospital. The arrest is currently under investigation.

In response to release of video footage of the arrest, the Rochester mob stormed an area restaurant, destroying tables and property and terrorizing the public present at the business, ordering them to go home.

As riotous looters ransacked various small community businesses, they ordered anyone documenting the scene to cease filming their criminal activities.

Rioters would go on to target residential homes directly. Residents inside must have been terrified as they assailed, climbed on, and damaged people’s homes.

The mob would go on to attempt to break into apartment buildings, with agitators confirming they were specifically seeking to target white people for violence. Police were extremely slow to confront the violent and riotous mob, although they finally dispersed the dangerous crowd.

The riotous crimes of Black Lives Matter are showing no signs of coming to a halt as the nation comes closer to the November area. New York is a reliably blue state, but the state’s upstate area(Rochester located in the state’s west on Lake Ontario) is considerably more conservative, and the criminal activity of the mob could be enough to swing it reliably Republican in the upcoming election.

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