VIDEO: BLP’s Sonny Joy Nelson Calls Out Feminist Supporters of Christine Ford

In the wake of the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing yesterday, one thing has become evident: Democrats are doing what they do best – using women.

Dr. Ford has gained a tremendous amount of support across the country and from members of the Committee – she’s even making bank from her GoFundMe.  Members of the Committee praised her for having the courage to step forward and report the sexual encounter she allegedly faced all those years ago.

While her story has many holes and is not likely to convict Kavanaugh of any crimes, her supporters – mostly feminists – argue that we should “believe all women.”

But, where does that end? Do we believe all women simply because they’re female?  Last time I checked, being a woman doesn’t give you a free pass to falsely accuse men of sexual assault.

One thing to keep in mind: women lie too.

There has been a lot of pressure on Kavanaugh to prove his innocence of these allegations, but that’s not how it works.  Do the words “innocent until proven guilty” ring a bell to anyone?

Kavanugh does not have to prove his innocence, Ford has to prove her assault.  These third-wave feminists that are advocating a war on men want that changed. The mere mention of sexual assault obviously means the accused is guilty. Because women never lie – right?

Another thing to keep in mind: accused does not equal guilty.

This idea that all women deserve to be believed simply for “coming forward” is a joke. Since when does a woman’s testimony hold more weight than a man’s?

Let the evidence talk for itself, not a emotional retelling of stories.  Let the evidence be the deciding factor in cases and not base them off a woman’s ability to manipulate – because, yes, they do that!

All this being said, I do believe that Christine Ford was sexually assaulted in her life and she does deserve a fair investigation. However, one thing is clear, Brett Kavanaugh is not at fault. I hope that when this is over with, Christine will give the entire Kavanaugh family the apology that they deserve.


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