VIDEO: Chicago Hoodlums Beat Old Man Senseless

Last week, a group of 11 African American teens brutally beat a 68-year-old man on a Chicago subway.

Fox News obtained a video of this disturbing footage.

The Chicago Police Department informed Fox News that this attack is currently under investigation

So far, no one is in custody because the victim “was unable to identify his attacker(s) due to his injuries.” According to a police source, Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office “wouldn’t touch” the case in the case the victim can’t identify the attackers or is unwilling to cooperate.

When they were contacted about prosecuting the case, the state’s attorney’s office responded: “We are unable to comment.”

The footage revealed one of the female teens attempting to pickpocket the victim while he’s sleeping. The man wakes up, tries to fight back, but the woman drags and beats up the man.

She then runs off to another car, and comes back with a group of teens made up five men and two women, who end up surrounding the man seated on the train.

One man brutally beats the victim, and lifted himself up on the train’s bars to repeatedly kick him in the upper body and face.

None of the bystanders bothered to step in to rescue the man.

According to police documents, the 68-year-old man was left bleeding on Chicago’s red line train. Train workers assisted the man in getting off of Argyle station and authorities subsequently interviewed him.

He informed police that he had fallen asleep, but was woken up after the group of African American teens tried to pickpocket him. The victim told the group of teens, “don’t even think about it.”

Fearing for his safety, the victim took a swing at one of the teens. He missed and was then beaten with “closed fists and foot strikes.”

He would then be rushed to the hospital and receive treatment for lacerations to the head and body soreness. According to police documents, the man suffered blunt force trauma.

Later on, police picked up a group of teens close to the Argyle train station, detained them, and gathered a report from them. The teens were then returned home.

Chicago has become notorious for its soft on crime approach, as evidenced by its decision to erase gang databases due to activist accusations that such information is allegedly “racist” or ‘discriminatory.” Additionally, the city’s hostility towards guns has left many individuals such as the victim in this case defenseless against hoodlums.

These compounding factors, along with the media’s refusal to address many of the problems urban African Americans are facing, only contributes to the epidemic of violence engulfing these areas.

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