VIDEO: College Student Justifies Infanticide

A college student in Knoxville, Tennessee was caught on film approving infanticide up to two-years-old.

The pro-death student not only has no problem with the death of the pre-born but also advocates killing toddlers in the video provided by Students for Life of America.

He uses the reasoning that “without communication, we have no way of knowing of you are sentient or not” because apparently communication equates worth. He then equates human life to that of plants, “It’s no different than this tree. It’s alive, but is it sentient? I don’t know. I cannot communicate with it.”

This University of Tennessee, Knoxville student assimilates life to how well communication skills are. He repeatedly states that two-year-olds are not capable of communication which means ending their life is okay.”Can a two-year-old talk to me?” he asks. According to this student, if the answer is no, then ending their life is justifiable. He clearly has not spent much time around toddler, who are more than capable of communicating – especially if they feel pain.

The students attempt to justify toddlers being killed on the basis of being “sentient” is absurd. Sentient – having the ability to feel things – is something that toddlers are beyond able to do. It is known that at just 20 weeks gestation, babies in the womb can feel pain, let alone two-year-old toddlers. In just 48 seconds this pro-death student tries to justify the legal killing of two-year-olds without batting an eye.



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