VIDEO: Corey Stewart Harassed By Antifa While Trying To Eat Dinner

Corey Stewart, who is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia, was harassed by far-left antifa radicals while having dinner in Charlottesville, Virginia. Stewart was attempting to enjoy dinner with a small number of campaign staffers and supporters following a Republican debate at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, when the far-left stormed the restaurant calling Stewart a “Nazi.”

According to the Corey Stewart for Senate campaign, the incident began when Stewart was attempting to take a video in downtown Charlottesville. Antifa supporters noticed Stewart, and walked up to him and asked “are you that f***ing nazi Corey Stewart?” After trying to diffuse the situation, the antifa agitators eventually made it impossible for the video to continue, so Stewart and his supporters made their way to local restaurant to enjoy dinner.

Antifa supporters continued to follow Stewart, and posted a call to action online with the name of the establishment he entered.

A short while after that call to action was posted, a mob of antifa supporters stormed the establishment Stewart was at, and they began harassing him and his supporters. That is where the events of the above video took place. Eventually the agitators left, and Stewart and his supporters continued to enjoy their meals.

This is a clear attack on Corey Stewart due to his staunch support for President Donald Trump’s agenda. With his main opponent, Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas being opposed to enforcing Federal immigration laws, Stewart is the clear enemy to the alt-left. This encounter proves just how afraid of him they are.

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