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VIDEO: Dana White Devastates New York Times Hack After Successful UFC Pay-Per-View

White put the fake news in their place.



UFC promoter Dana White has been dogged by fake news reporters for pushing to continue his fights during the coronavirus panic, as they have worked at every turn to stop him from giving his fans what they want.

“A lot of these media guys are absolute and total f**king scumbags,” he said last month. “As soon as you let them know what you’re doing, all they’re trying to do is f**k up everything that you’ve worked. So I’ve literally told every one of these guys to go f**k themselves and I’m not telling any of them what I’m doing, where I’m doing it.”

The push back from fake news hacks and Democrat Party officials eventually forced White to cancel several shows, but he held the ultra successful UFC 249 pay-per-view on May 9. They drew a massive 700,000 buys for the event as the public grows more disgusted with the unprecedented shutdown of society.

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“We absolutely destroyed it,” White said to Yahoo Sports via the telephone on Monday. “It was a home run by every measure. The early trends were good and they continued.”

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The fake news media is very angry that White was able to hold a successful show despite their complaining. There have been prominent hit pieces published about the organization in the days following the event.

White’s response is classic and shows exactly how an individual or an entity should deal with the fake news vultures when under attack.

“F**k that guy… F**k that guy,” White said of the New York Times reporter who wrote an article critical of the UFC.

“You know what happened with that guy? That guy, who has never covered the sport ever before, was writing a story about [UFC parent corporation] Endeavor… and what do you think happened when this guy who and this paper covered the UFC when they never covered it before? What do you think happened? F**kin’ story was huge. They did killer traffic,” White explained.

White explained how the popularity of his organization was propping up the failing rag that is hemorrhaging money and going bankrupt rapidly.

“Now they’re writing stories three a week, and they’re posting live results. I don’t give a s**t what that guy thinks, what he has to say, or what he writes. Good for him, he’s pulling good traffic,” he added.

“I don’t give a f**k. Don’t give a f**k,” White said to conclude his rant.

White’s legendary rant against the fake news can be seen here:

White has set a great example to anyone who must deal with journalistic parasites. His defiance has put them in their place and humiliated them on a grand scale.


Make-A-Wish Vanderbilt Kicker Sarah Fuller Will Take Part in Joe Biden’s Inauguration




Vanderbilt University student Sarah Fuller, goalie for the women’s soccer team and erstwhile emergency kicker for the men’s football team, will be taking part in the inauguration of Joe Biden.

USA Today reports that Fuller will participate in a television program titled “Celebrating America,” which will be simulcast the evening of Inauguration Day on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS.

Fuller confirmed the news on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

“It’s an honor to be invited to participate in one of America’s greatest traditions,” Fuller tweeted with pictures of herself on the Vanderbilt football field. “This historic inauguration is especially meaningful for American women and girls. The glass ceilings are breaking and it is the time to #LeadLikeAWoman.”

Multiple guests will appear on the program in addition to Fuller. Tom Hanks is hosting and both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be giving speeches.

Back in November and December the mainstream media lauded Fuller for becoming the first woman to play and then score in a Power Five college football game. In her first appearance she squib kicked the ball to Missouri’s 37-yard line and subsequently hurried to the sidelines. In later appearances she made two extra points following Vanderbilt touchdowns.

Fuller became Vanderbilt’s emergency kicker after their starting and backup kickers could not play due to COVID-19 protocols.

Big League Politics previously covered the Sarah Fuller story, specifically the reaction of Jason Whitlock, a conservative-friendly sports writer who once worked for Fox Sports. Whitlock called her appearance a “Make-A-Wish” publicity stunt.

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