VIDEO EXPOSE: Abdul-El Sayed and Marxist Jihad in Michigan

I recently traveled to Michigan with The United West to investigate Abdul El-Sayed, the Democrat candidate for Michigan Governor.

We went to Michigan to ask some very specific questions, and get a full understanding of who Abdul is, where he comes from, and how he chose to run for Governor.

During the investigation process, I interviewed not only Abdul, but I also interviewed Philip Haney, a national security expert and founding member of Homeland Security, Customs & Border Patrol, (Ret.), as well as Dick Manasseri, Co-Founder of Sharia Crime Stoppers.

My team and I went to some of Abdul’s campaign events to try to get a look at Abdul and his supporters. When I confronted Abdul and asked him how he justifies his Socialist/Marxist platform with his Islamic beliefs, Abdul gave a flippant response and his handler quickly stepped in to stop the interview. Before it was stopped, I asked Abdul about his platform’s support of the LGBTQ community and how gays are treated under Islam. Abdul replied, “I don’t know that that is true”. How does he miss those verses of the Quran (7:80-84)? Especially when he professes to be a devout Muslim, praying 34 times/day?

Abdulrahman Mohamed El Sayed has played his hand very well to the constituents of Michigan. Many have fallen under his spell and many are just part of the plan, working very hard for his final solution.

  • He has core Muslims siding with him only because he is Muslim, no other qualification! (Linda Sarsour)
  • He has the millennials jumping up & down on his every word!  Smiling, hoping he will pick them to stand with in front of the camera!
  • He has the Marxist/Socialist liberal left just waiting for every opportunity to show support! (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders)
  • He has known unindicted co-conspirators in clearly defined court cases, standing with him in support and in some cases are identified as his “de-facto” campaign manager. (ISNA, CAIR, MSA, Siraj Wahaj)
  • His platform and his Sharia compliant beliefs collide, but when pressed for an answer, he has none! (Wife wears Hijab, prays 34 times/day, doesn’t drink, only eats Halal)
  • His anti-Israel stand and support of Gaza, yet this topic is never asked during the campaign. (Authored numerous articles stating such)
  • His hard cored Muslim Brotherhood history and background are NEVER questioned by any of the Michigan media.  Yet, when one opposing candidate does (Patrick Colbeck), Abdul’s reply is: “You may not hate Muslims, but Muslims definitely hate you!” (VP of MSA, Signatory on Egyptian-Americans doc. in support of Mohamed Morsi when Muslim Brotherhood took power in Eqypt)

The Michigan Primary is on Tuesday, August 7. Will the voters of Michigan chose to side with the United States Constitution, or Marxist Jihad?


WATCH: Exposé – Abdul El-Sayed – Marxist Jihad in Michigan WATCH!

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