Video Game Developer Commits Suicide After Being #MeToo’ed by Gamergate ‘Victim’

A Canadian video game developer has ended his own life after being accused of harassment and abuse by a feminist game developer well known for her involvement in 2014’s GamerGate controversy.

Zoe Quinn accused Alec Holowka of “harassment and abuse” within the context of a relationship they had several years ago. The indie game developer- well known for becoming a target of the Gamergate controversy for her participation in alleged corruption within the video game industry- accused Holowka of behaving in an abusive manner towards her.

The behavior Quinn accused Holowka of is a far stone’s throw from what real abusive individuals have been accused of. She describes instances of the ‘Night in the Woods’ developer yelling at her and locking her outside of their apartment. Probably not angelic behavior, but definitely not comparable to genuine sexual abuse and workplace harassment.

Holowka was betrayed by his employer in the wake of Quinn’s accusations, having been fired from Infinite Fall as soon as Quinn accused him of vaguely inappropriate behavior. The company’s executive producer, Scott Benson, didn’t hesitate to throw Holowka under the bus within days of Quinn’s accusations.

Zoe Quinn is well-known by many who follow the video game industry for alleged corrupt practices to secure favorable reviews for a ‘game’ she developed. A massive, wide-ranging online controversy that took on the title ‘GamerGate’ occurred in 2014 when it was alleged she slept with prominent video game reviewers in order to obtain favorable press for “Depression Quest.”

Quinn has deleted her Twitter account in the wake of Holowka’s suicide, that was announced by his sister on Saturday morning.

It appears the game developer believed he had nothing to live for after being rendered an abusive deviant without a moment’s hesitation, on the grounds of charges that appear to be highly exaggerated and dubious.

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