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VIDEO: Gays For Trump Leader Assaulted As Police Stand Down



Scenes from Durham, North Carolina last week include signs that read violent threats against white people and President Trump supporters. The world watched as young people violently kicked and punched a fallen statue. Last week in Durham, led by World Workers Party and progressive groups, they gathered in Durham North Carolina at the Court House to tear down a Monument Memorializing Confederate Veterans.

On August 18th  the groups returned to the scene of the fallen statue.

The media and people on Twitter were persistent in reporting that the KKK was in Durham and at the scene, agitating these rioters.

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But apparently that night, August 18, at the place of destruction and national attention,  there were no police on the scene to mind the crowds of media, rioters and curious citizens.

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In an exclusive interview with Big League Politics, Peter Boykin (host of MAGA First News, MAGA One Radio and President of Gays for Trump), who was on the scene, told us the following:

“On August 18th I was already downtown Durham and I took an opportunity to go to the scene at the Court House to cover the story for my News Organizations.  I also had taken the challenge from Milo to read his book in a dangerous place. I read my book for a while, and then engaged others at the scene peacefully for a little bit, getting stories for my Broadcast. When called KKK I responded that I was not the KKK , but a Gay man with a Black Husband and the President of  Gays for Trump. They claimed that Milo was a Nazi,” Boykin said.

“Then someone got angry.  I was threatened by someone from Black Lives Matter. Twice I was assaulted.  I reported this to the police,” Boykin said.

“I called 911 and after about 5 mins, the police did show up, but were hesitant to help me, and then refused to question anyone about what happened. I had wanted to press assault charges.  The police acted like they could find the people I pointed out. It was very frustrating, one woman had her face covered, and the police claimed they could not find her.  She was standing right in front of him. Then the police were going to leave and I didn’t want to stay there alone. It would have been way too dangerous,” Boykin said.

“I got home safely and what I was most concerned about- my autographed copy of Milo’s Dangerous– was intact!  I was worried more about my book than my face. Just kidding. I do feel angry that my rights were violated,” Boykin said.

“The police never took my statement or my information, they would not even offer to help me to my car, and there were at least 50 people there at the time. I felt very unsafe. Spectrum News was there. There were other news organizations there. An Antifa member told me that I had to leave, and I feel like my rights were violated. Where is the ACLU?,” Boykin said.

Peter plans to contact the Durham District attorney and he says he “will not go quietly into the night!   If the right had assaulted a Gay Man everyone in the country would know about it!”

He is not hopeful that the District Attorney will care.

The District Attorney’s statement is here.

Big League Politics called and asked the Durham District Attorney for a statement, inquiring as to whether he was concerned about Civil Rights infringements stemming from his plans to disregard North Carolina law protecting monuments.

Big League also asked the DA if the political climate said it was ok to assault a white man, would the DA excuse that behavior as well?

Calls were not returned.

Paul Fitts, Republican candidate for Mayor in Raleigh, chimed in on the statement of the Durham DA, and gave Big League an exclusive statement. “This is pandering by an elected official. Vandalism and destruction of property should be prosecuted by all offenders involved.  These kind of talking points welcome and encourage continued destruction and violence. Speeding is against the law, a judge will not prosecute to a lesser point due to political climate.”

Free Speech

Mumford & Sons Guitarist Swarmed by Fanatic Leftists After Praising Andy Ngo’s Book

Musicians are terrified to speak out against fanatic leftism.



Folk rock musician Winston Marshall was swarmed by furious leftists after congratulating journalist Andy Ngo on the publication of his new book, “Unmasked.” Ngo’s book breaks down Antifa’s model of attacking democracy and political violence in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere, shining light on the street terror group’s extremism.

Marshall, the lead guitarist of Mumford & Sons, hailed Ngo as a “brave man” in a since-deleted tweet.

Antifa supporters were quick to attack the musician as a “Nazi,” unleashing the hate-filled vitriol commonly associated with the intolerant movement. Marshall’s Twitter feed is largely filled with support for Hong Kong demonstrators, a far cry from what leftists might expect from a “fascist.” The English guitar player’s band is known for songs such as “I Will Wait” and “Hopeless Wanderer.”

Others pointed to the faux social media outrage as mere evidence of the Left’s intolerance and fanaticism.

Ngo has been forced to flee the United States under a constant barrage of Antifa threats in recent months, with the street terror group determined to silence Ngo’s reporting on consistent property damage, anarcho-tyranny, and violent crime in Portland and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Marshall has since deleted the tweet. It’s considered impossible to get anywhere in the mainstream music industry if you haven’t cravenly bowed before the false gods of ultraliberalism and identity leftism. While Marshall took a risk in even saluting Ngo’s work in the first place, he unfortunately appears to have backed down, to a degree, a sad lamentation of the state of mainstream entertainment and corporate culture.

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