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VIDEO: GOP Firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene Quite Literally Blasts Socialism in a New Ad



Marjorie Taylor Greene, a candidate for Georgia’s 14th congressional district released a new TV ad where she showed off her marksmanship skills.

She published it on Twitter where she said, “President Trump needs me in Washington to help Save America and Stop Socialism!That’s why I’m running to represent NW Georgia in Congress.Vote Donald Trump for Pres and Marjorie Greene for Congress in the May 19 Republican Primary!Save America. Stop Socialism. #gapol #sass.”

In the ad, Greene rode into a field where she then started to shoot at several targets laid across the field.

Greene declared that “America is the greatest country in the world.”

She stressed the need for having “conservatives in Washington that will keep it that way.”

As Greene was taking out targets in the field, she stated that “I’m running to stop gun control, open borders, the Green New Deal, and socialism.”

Each target she shot at represented a leftist policy item she would be attacking.

She added, “Democrats fight for their socialist agenda every single day. I’ll fight even harder to stop them”

Greene concluded, “Save America, Stop Socialism.”

The race for Georgia’s 14th district will be a must watch race in 2020.

Greene is a strong candidate on conservative issues such as the right to bear arms and the right of the unborn.

He campaign manager Isaiah Wartman said the following about Greene’s campaign:

We need to take back Congress, kick Nancy Pelosi to the curb, re-elect Donald Trump and Keep America Great.

That won’t happen by electing more career politicians or Mitt Romney-type Republicans who care more about being liked by the Fake News Media than they do about standing firm for conservative values.

Marjorie Greene won’t back down in the face of left-wing attacks. She’ll fight like hell on behalf of Northwest Georgia against Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Squad’s blatantly unconstitutional, Socialist power grabs.

She’s the strongest conservative in the Republican Primary and the ally President Trump needs in Congress.

If elected, Greene would be a solid ally for President Donald Trump in Congress.

Big League Guns

If Democrats Win, Will Guns Sales Go Through the Roof?



No matter who wins in 2020, the biggest story of this election cycle has been the record levels of gun sales.  In a piece titled “Guns Sales Break Records With Gun Control Legislation Likely If Democrats Win”, Newsweek highlights the meteoric rise of gun sales in 2020 and how these sales will only go up under a Biden administration.

It’s likely that a Biden win on November 3, 2020 will give life to gun control measure such as universal background checks, assault weapons bans, and national gun buybacks. Scott Reeves of Newsweek noted that “coronavirus pandemic, urban riots and the likelihood of increased regulation if the Democrats win the White House, regain control of the Senate and hold the House” have led to the unprecedented firearms sales.  A Biden win would only accelerate this trend, as people become frightened by the prospect of gun control.

Through September, background checks recorded by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reached 28.826 million. This total surpassed 2019’s record of 28.369 million, representing a 28 percent increase, according to the FBI report. As of September 30, Illinois was leading the nation in background checks with 5.6 million. Reeves noted that other states such as Kentucky (2.364 million) checks, Texas (1.730 million), Florida (1.386 million), Indiana (1.203 million), California (1.187 million) and Pennsylvania (1.030 million), were also experiencing significant upticks in gun sales.

Since NICS came into effect on November 1998, a total of 361.830 million background checks for all purposes have been completed since the program began in November 1998.

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Zogby Analytics provided some more data showing how enthusiastic Americans are about buying guns:

Zogby Analytics in Utica, New York found that the number of gun owners increased 3.9% between October 2019 and October 2020 to 31.3% of the population. The number of individuals in a household keeping a gun at home, work, vacation cottage or club for personal protection, hunting or target shooting increased 7% to 42.2% in the last year. Membership in the National Rifle Association, a gun rights advocacy group, increased 6% to 17.7% in the last year, Zogby’s polling found.

“While there is fierce debate in Washington D.C. and among voters about what certain types of guns and accessories constitute ‘assault weapons,’ adults in the U.S. are buying and keeping more guns,” Jonathan Zogby declared.

Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, an anti-Second Amendment organization, is of the opinion that uncertainty brought about by the Wuhan virus pandemic, riots, and the election are contributing factors to the rise in gun sales.

“Typically, gun sales rise in times of fear,” he said to Newsweek. “We live in a time when there’s a lot of fear, including fear that there might be more gun regulation with a Democratic President and Democratic majorities in Congress. And, there’s been a lot of unrest.”

Americans actions speak louder than their words. Even if Joe Biden does the unthinkable (and the very unlikely) by winning on November 3, his administration will encounter stiff resistance from gun-owning Americans across the political spectrum.


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