VIDEO: Hillary Stumbles Down Stairs In India Just Like In 2016

During a trip to India, failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was seen slipping on a set of stairs, being helped up, and then falling again.

This isn’t the first time Hillary Clinton has been seen falling over unexpectedly. During her failed Presidential campaign, there were a number of high profile cases of her losing her balance and falling over. She even broke her toe┬ábecause of a fall down some stairs.

But the most talked about occasion was after an event in New York City, where she had to be dragged into her van because she could not stand up.

Watch the video below:

Hillary Clinton was in India for a number of speaking engagements where she spent the majority of her time bashing President Donald Trump. While in one of her speaking engagements, she stated that Trump voters “didn’t like black people getting rights.”


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