VIDEO: In The Most British Way, This MP Scolds Theresa May Over Brexit Stall

A British Member of Parliament stood up to Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday at a vote that would have created a customs union with the EU, had it passed.

“At what point was it decided that Brexit meant Remain?” conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns asked May.


Last night’s vote in parliament was seen by many conservative members of the British government as another step towards binding Britain with EU while the nation, which voted to leave the EU in June 2016.

Brexit was the first true sign of the populist uprising that has since engulfed the West. Many Britons thought they were getting a raw deal from faceless EU bureaucrats who did not represent their best interests, but rather the interests of the global elite. Vote Leave was the campaign to defect from the EU,  which garnered 51.9% of the vote during the 2016 democratic referendum.

Since then, progress has been slow in responding to the demand of the majority, and conservative lawmakers becoming increasingly agitated over the lack of progress.

Boris Johnson, former British Foreign Secretary, resigned from in protest last week over May’s handling of the Brexit vote. According to Johnson, a “fog of self-doubt has descended” upon the British Parliament in the 18 months since the vote. He bashed Parliament for lackluster efforts to implement a Brexit strategy and follow the will of the British people.

The deadline for Britain to officially leave the EU is March 29, 2019.

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