VIDEO: Independent Journalist Confronts Rashida Tlaib, ‘Where’s Congresswoman Mother F**ker?’

Independent journalist Jacob Engels, who was banned from Twitter after posting a tweet critical of Rep. Rashida Tlaib, confronted her at a banquet held by the candidate and repeated the crass language Tlaib used to refer to President Donald Trump when she won her last campaign.

“Where is congresswoman mother f**ker?” Asked Engels, who recorded the interaction as he entered the room. Engels repeated the question, “Where’s congresswoman mother f**ker,” repeatedly before being asked to leave the event.

“She is the mother f**ker. She is a Jew hater, she is a Jew hating piece of sh*t.” He went on in his outburst to say that Tlaib “is the one that needs to be impeached.”

Engels is a gay journalist who covers politics and the new right at The Central Florida Post, and was kicked out of a synagogue with Laura Loomer last year after they informed the attendees of Andrew Gillum’s colorful history.

After being sworn into Congress, Tlaib famously went on a foul mouthed rant, shouting into a microphone that “We are going to impeach the mother f**ker!”

She claims she used this language with her young son, after he told Tlaib that “bullies don’t win.”

Big League Politics reported:

“Mama, look, you won. Bullies don’t win,” her woke child apparently said in reference to President Donald J. Trump.

According to Tlaib, her response was “Baby, they don’t. Because we’re gonna go in there, we’re gonna impeach the motherf**ker.”

Tlaib has two boys with her ex-husband. The youngest, Yousif, is seven and was well-documented on Tlaib’s campaign trail, during which the media fawned over the single mother as Superwoman. Her oldest boy is only slightly older than Yousif. It is unclear which son Tlaib was talking to in her expletive-filled rant, but neither son has reached the age where a sane parent would consider cursing in front of him.

In addition to her colorful use of language while lambasting President Trump, Tlaib has faced numerous controversies while running for office and serving in Congress.

Big League Politics confirmed that Tlaib broke federal law when using a false address to run for office, and a petition calling for her impeachment has already reached at least 310,000 signatures.

The petition “IMPEACH RASHIDA TLAIB” for her fake residency scandal, which was created by MRS. AMERICAN CITIZEN, has reached 318,536 signatures on as of press time.

A former U.S. congressman from the state of Michigan said that Rashida Tlaib should undergo a lie detector test after we revealed that she illegally lied about her address to run for office, that she represented a state House district she did not live in, and that she lied about her address on her voter registration form. Her own father even called her out for lying.

“It appears the Democrats and some Republicans can’t run on their own merits,” stated former Michigan 11th District Republican congressman Kerry Bentiovlio. “Hook her up to a lie detector” before she gives her next speech, Bentiviolio said, referring to the Rashida Tlaib residency scandal.

While her campaign crimes and foul mouth may be earning her no friends across the aisle, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has thus far refused to condemn Tlaib for her incendiary language or residency lie.

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