VIDEO: Joe Biden Confuses His Wife With His Sister in Super Tuesday Victory Speech

Joe Biden confused his wife with his sister during his Super Tuesday victory speech, raising more questions about the mental acuity of the former Vice President who has consistently proven to be prone to confused mental gaffes throughout his campaign.

Watch here:

Biden was speaking in California after closing polls showed him to have won strong victories across the country in Democratic Primaries, sweeping the southern states and even taking surprise victories in Minnesota and Massachusetts.

As of late Tuesday night he appears primed for a possible upset victory in Texas, which would put the former Vice President on track for the Democratic nomination. But the man seems more in need of focus of his immediate surroundings than he is on strategy for bringing the Democratic primary home.

It seems as if Biden can’t give a single major speech without appearing seriously confused and disoriented. He’s already claimed that he’s running for Senate(not President) in South Carolina, talked about being in Vermont while in New Hampshire, and stated that a whopping 150 million Americans have been killed by gun violence in recent years.

Joe Biden, should he win the nomination and November general election, would be the oldest President ever to be sworn in on Inauguration Day by far, at the ripe old age of 78.

His strong performance on Super Tuesday- potentially making him the race’s undisputed frontrunner- will likely be enough to reassure establishment and centrist Democrats that Vermont democratic socialist Bernie Sanders will be beaten. But they’re kidding themselves if they’re not willing to consider that Biden’s consistent trend of mental gaffes and borderline senility will be a major factor in the upcoming rigorous presidential campaign.


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