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(VIDEO) Kanye West: “We Have The Right To Bear Arms”



Speaking to the press in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump, Kanye West expressed his support for the Second Amendment.

After being asked about the problem of gun violence, the rapper explained that the “problem is illegal guns,” and then opined that “We have the right to bear arms.”


With a large portion of the meeting having to do with crime in Chicago, West’s statement about legal guns is very relevant.

“Chiraq,” as West referred to the city, has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire country, along with some of the highest murder and violent crime rates. But despite the strict gun laws, illegal guns are only becoming easier for criminals to get their hands on.

The streets of Chicago are looking more and more like a war zone every day, with dozens of shootings happening every week.

Because of the extremely strict gun laws, more people are looking to legal gun ownership as a way to defend themselves.

West has been making waves in recent months after declaring his support for President Trump. Nearly every new picture he is seen in shows him wearing one of Trump’s famous “Make America Great Again” hats.

This has caused the left to infer that he is mentally unstable, but to that claim, Kanye simply says he is being a “free thinker.”

Throughout the rest of his meeting with the president, he spent most of his time encouraging the president to enact criminal justice reform, and to rethink “stop and frisk” policies.

Big League Guns

The NRA Files for Bankruptcy

The Pro-Second Amendment Organization is Now Moving to Texas



On January 15, 2021, the National Rifle Association announced that it would be filing for bankruptcy. 

The long-time advocate of gun ownership revealed that this bankruptcy is part of its new plan to restructure as a Texas non-profit organization. It has been motivated to do so because it believes that New York has a corrupt political and regulatory environment. Before the NRA’s decision to file bankruptcy, it was registered in the Empire State.

A few months ago, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit that threatened to dissolve the NRA. The suit contends that the NRA has been involved in cases of fraud and mismanagement of funds. Following New York’s attempts to persecute the NRA, President Donald Trump suggested that the NRA move to Texas, a state that treats pro-Second Amendment organizations much better. Trump stated, “I think the NRA should move to Texas and lead a very good and beautiful life, and I’ve told them that for a long time.”

“This strategic plan represents a pathway to opportunity, growth and progress,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre declared in a statement. “Obviously, an important part of this plan is ‘dumping New York.’ The NRA is pursuing reincorporating in a state that values the contributions of the NRA, celebrates our law-abiding members, and will join us as a partner in upholding cn.

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“The @NRA‘s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt. While we review its bankruptcy filing, we will not allow the @NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight,” James said in a tweet that she posted on January 15 following the bankruptcy announcement.

Indeed, the NRA’s decision to move to the Lone Star State is a wise decision. Texas’ gun laws are much better than New York’s. Furthermore, Texas actually bothers to protect free speech and the state government will not go on petty vendettas against right-wing organizations that leftist politicians hate.-

Mass polarization is here to stay in American politics, so it would be wise for right wing organizations in solidly Blue states to consider relocating to friendlier political climes.

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