VIDEO: Large Movement of Muslims #WalkAway From Democrat Party in Dearborn, Michigan

An interfaith crowd of over 1,000 Christians and Muslims united in Wayne County last weekend to get behind the Republican ticket – in a showing that might as well be the Democrats’ worst nightmare.

A massive backlash against sexual indoctrination in schools has gained steam in Dearborn, Mich. Dearborn is the city with the largest contingent of Muslims in the nation, not typically seen as a stronghold for the Republican Party. But the Democrats’ targeting of children has enraged Muslims who stand firmly against the LGBT agenda.

Nagi Almudhegi, a Muslim from Dearborn who works in the field of information technology, gave a rousing speech before a group of patriots in Flat Rock, a working-class area with a large contingent of Trump supporters. This represents the new coalition of conservative Islamists and populist America First Trump supporters who are uniting around shared values and shared contempt of Democrat extremism.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be standing here in front of you today… I grew up as a Democrat, my father was a Democrat, our entire neighbors were Democrats, our whole family were Democrats,” Almudhegi said.

He talked about how the Democrats have been taken over by a “small cabal of Radical Left ideologues,” and this is what is alienating Muslims and causing them to move toward the Republican Party. The final straw was satanic LGBT indoctrination in the classrooms.

“When they targeted our children with sexually explicit books, we said HELL NO! HELL NO! HELL NO! HELL NO!” Almudhegi said to overwhelming applause.

He brought up a Christian patriot leader and talked about how the media is trying to divide conservative Christians and Muslims when the two groups in actuality have a lot in common.

“For all of these years, the media has been telling people like me that I need to be afraid of people like him, and that same media has been telling people like him that he needs to be afraid of people like me. You see the game that they’re playing,” Almudhegi said.

“And the same media – the same media – that controls the Democrat Party. They’re working in cahoots. That’s the only way they can stay in power, by keeping us apart,” he added.

The full video can be seen here:

Michigan is undergoing a grassroots renaissance similar to what happened in Virginia before Glenn Youngkin unexpectedly won his race for governor. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has to be shaking in her boots.

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