VIDEO: Mass Looting Breaks Out in Chicago After Armed Man Shot, Injured By Police

Mass looting has broken out in the city of Chicago late on Sunday night, after a man was shot and injured by police. The man shot in the encounter appears to have survived, but that hasn’t prevented a mob of people from looting and sacking many businesses in the city.

A hail of gunfire was heard outside of one Chicago business that was being looted.

Police are alleging that an armed crime suspect fired upon them in the city’s Englewood neighborhood around 2:30PM. Erroneous rumors of the suspect being underage appear to have incited many Chicago residents into rioting.

Looters were seen loading boxes of stolen goods into cars.

A swarm of rushing looters was observed on camera rummaging through a Nordstrom’s department store, pillaging stolen goods.

Chicago has become one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Homicides have increased by more than 50% in the wake of the nationwide race riots, and it appears many of the city’s residents have no qualms with resorting to opportunistic looting in the wake of one police shooting.

This historic American city may never recover from 2020, having incurred some of the worst criminal behavior in the country this year. The city’s mayor is content to merely pitch invective at President Trump, as opposed to taking decisive action to deter the criminal threat seriously damaging the image and economy of Chicago.

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