Video: McMaster Said It’s ‘Too Bad’ That People Want ‘Fast, Cheap, Efficient’ Wars


Neocon White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster said on a May 2016 Center for Strategic and International Studies panel that the U.S. military must make long-term commitments to getting to know the enemy, and people and populations, and he bristled at the idea that war should be efficient.

“I think sometimes, you know, people actually want to go back to war that’s, you know, fast, cheap, efficient. Wage to standoff range. And it’s just too bad. I mean, I think, actually the trend is in the opposite direction. Because that is becoming less and less likely,” McMaster said (36:45 Mark In This Video).

At another panel in 2015 for the George Soros-funded New America Foundation, moderator Jake Tapper refused to take a question from a male in the audience, opting instead for a woman. McMaster taunted, “You should have come in drag, you might get a question asked.”

McMaster has long been at odds with nationalists in the Trump White House, including Trump himself, after he took over for General Mike Flynn, who was ousted for vague reasons involving Russia. McMaster is in the middle of firing a series of Flynn allies from the National Security Council. McMaster also wanted a ground invasion and regime change in Syria to take out Bashar al Assad, but was overruled by Trump, who instead backed efforts to destroy ISIS in the region. Trump ended the CIA’s covert arming of jihadist rebels in Syria.

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