[Video] MSNBC Anchor Spreads Fake News about Peaceful Pro-Gun Rally

Craig Melvin, anchor of the Today Show and MSNBC anchor, continued the massive Fake News disinformation campaign against the Lobby Day gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia.

In his coverage of the event on January 20, 2020, Melvin went on video to say “thousands of guns rights activists, white nationalists, militia groups, all swarming the Virginia state capitol.”

This has been the media’s M.O. throughout the day in its effort to label the event as “white nationalist”, when most of the attendees are part of patriotic, Second Amendment groups that are standing up against potential gun rights infringements.

None of the media’s shenanigans are coincidental. They’re part of a concerted effort to advance an overarching narrative that will lead to the eventual destruction of the Second Amendment.

The stakes are high now, and if gun rights activists don’t come prepared, they could witness the evisceration of well-established traditions of gun ownership.

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