VIDEO: Muslim Candidate For Michigan Governor Openly Declared His Support for Muslim Brotherhood

Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed, a Muslim candidate for Governor in Michigan openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt during the uprising against Hosni Mubarak. El-Sayed is a Sharia compliant Muslim who openly defended the Muslim Brotherhood in his own words. The ensuing Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt — facilitated by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — led to disaster and to the Brotherhood’s removal in a popularly supported military coup.

In January of 2011, El-Sayed wrote for the Huffington Post entitled “Why The U.S. Should Support the Protesters in Egypt”:

“As an American, I ask you to support these freedom fighters…and as an Egyptian, I ask you to support them. If the Muslim Brotherhood were to take power, there are several reasons why the ensuing state would look nothing like Iran.

First, the Muslim Brotherhood is a Sunni organization — Sunni Islam is, by its nature, less hierarchical than the Shiite brand of the religion. Hence, the concept of a “supreme leader” or theocratic figurehead is improbable under the Muslim Brotherhood. Second, as it stands, the Muslim Brotherhood lacks a popular leader akin to the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. Thus, the movement will not be able to consolidate power as readily in these turbulent times as their counterparts did in Iran, and will therefore have limited input in shaping legislative procedure (it is this vital input on procedure which ultimately created the Iranian “Islamic Republic” as we know it today, rather than a liberal democracy run by an Islamic party, a la Turkey). Third, the military is, and will remain for the time being Egypt’s principal powerbroker—it is safe to say that the military wouldn’t back a Muslim Brotherhood government without strong liberal democratic structures in place. Fourth, the Muslim Brotherhood has recently agreed to support a transition government under Nobel Laureate Mohammed ElBaradei, who is not affiliated with the movement in any way, signaling the party’s willingness to compromise. Others argue that Muslim Brotherhood control in Egypt would echo Hamas’s leadership in Gaza. This is foolish—attempting to draw inference about one Islamic party’s behavior in Egypt, the Middle East’s largest country with considerable economic potential, from another party’s behavior in Gaza, a territory harrowed by over 60 years of occupation, ignores the influence of the vastly differing contexts within which each group operates, and is therefore, unproductive.
Lastly, supporting the right for self-determination in Egypt might promote uprisings in other volatile countries in the region, some argue. I concede; this is true.

El-Sayed is a dual citizen of the United States and Egypt, where was he was calling on Americans to support former Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Morsi.

Will the mainstream media ignore the fact that a supporter of Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorism is running for office?

The Michigan primary is August 7. Will the people of Michigan stand with the United States Constitution, or Sharia Law?

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