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VIDEO: New York AG-Elect Vows To Be ‘Real Pain In The Ass’ For President Trump



Democrat New York attorney general-elect Letitia James is touting her plot to investigate President Donald Trump and many people in Trump’s orbit.

But Ms. James’ judgment isn’t exactly sterling and unimpeached, to say the least.

“Oh, we’re definitely going to sue him. We’re going to be a real pain in the ass. He’s going to know my name personally,” James recently said on tape in a conversation with a reporter that was shared by a state Republican.

Sadly for James, a sitting President cannot legally be indicted, which is why Liddle Adam Schiff said that Trump might go to jail after he is president.

Yeah, right. Democrats are desperate, and even though they managed to win the House with Paul Ryan’s implicit support they are up against a pretty big challenge in all races — especially the Presidential — in 2020.

I reported prior to Michael Cohen’s receipt of a 3-year jail sentence:

Michael Cohen’s new attorney Guy Petrillo — part of a team with Amy Lester — represents Cohen as he gives information over to New York prosecutors as part of his cooperation related to his crime of lying to investigators. Those prosecutors are still loyal to anti-Trump activist Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney fired by the Trump administration. (CONFLICT: Cohen Prosecutor’s Wife’s Firm Is Being Investigated by the Trump Administration).

“Petrillo and his wife live in Chappaqua and run in the same circles as the Clintons,” a top-level FBI source told Big League Politics on the record.

Big League Politics has confirmed that Cohen’s attorney resides less than a three-mile drive from the Hillary Clinton residence, but we have redacted all addresses.

Cohen recently changed his party registration back to Democrat and told people to vote in the midterms against President Trump.

Politico described how Petrillo’s firm represented Andrew Cuomo in his dealings…



Stanford University Babies Demand “Removal” of College Republicans from Campus

A new low of intolerance.



Left-wing crybabies at Stanford University are demanding that the school’s College Republicans chapter be wholly removed from campus in a new article for the campus newspaper, citing a laundry list of violations against the liberal religion. The appeal for deplatforming was made in an article in the Stanford Daily.

Stanford CR’s are known as a strong America First chapter of the organization, refusing the bow before the establishment College Republicans’ modus operandi of insider connections and backroom deals with political power brokers.

California College Republicans are pledging to fight back, refusing to cave as the Stanford Daily’s Claire Dinshaw demands the Stanford College Republicans be purged from campus. Dinshaw describes herself as a senior at the elite university minoring in political science and feminism, gender and sexuality studies.

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The Stanford Republicans responded to the display of intolerance on Friday.

Dinshaw cites the standard university-liberal schpiel of “racist, misogynistic and hateful rhetoric” in her censorship demand, in addition to claiming supposed “transphobic rhetoric.” Dinshaw also refers to incidences of the Stanford College Republicans fighting back against Antifa-style thugs who have attempted to disrupt their events, claiming that publicizing the identities of left-wing militants who have tried to destroy their materials and presentations represents some sort of mortal threat to their lives.

Dinshaw’s political purge demand may be facilitated by Stanford’s status as a private university, where left-wing managerial elites are free to silence and censor anyone who they deem a threat to liberal hegemony. However, the academic integrity of Stanford will be revealed as little more than a sham if university administrators cave to her demands, with free expression reserved for recitations of left-wing ideas.

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