VIDEO: Noam Chomsky Calls Russia Hoax ‘A Joke’

Before President Donald Trump called out the fake news, esteemed left-wing academic Noam Chomsky exposed the corporate propaganda model in Western societies.

Now, the controversial anarchist dissident is calling out the Russian collusion hoax as a “joke” that is “so farcical that [he] barely even reads the reports.”

Chomsky sat down with interviewers from independent media organization Primo Nutmeg to discuss FBI spook Robert Mueller’s now concluded probe into Russian collusion where he tore into the deep state and fake news for pushing this insane witch hunt.

A snippet of the interview, which was filmed weeks before the announcement that the probe had come to an end, can be seen here:

“There were careful analyses of what happened in the election. You can see how it changed, how the money poured in, all sorts of things, but there is no sign of any Russian effect,” Chomsky explained.

Chomsky mentioned how other countries other than Russia lobby the United States to directly influence election results in broad daylight, and how the United States meddles in elections all over the world to highlight the mind-numbing hypocrisy of the concocted conspiracy theory.

“In 1996 Clinton took pride in the fact that large scale US interference in the Russian election swung it to his favorite, Boris Yeltsin,” Chomsky said. “The US goes way beyond interfering in elections. It overthrows governments.”

Chomsky mentioned that corporate campaign contributions drive the result of elections far more than foreign interference, and the fake news deliberately focuses on Russian collusion and other hobgoblins to keep Americans from understanding this fact. He explains that lobbyists often write the legislation, and this is the real threat to our democracy.

When asked whether Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 election, Chomsky responded frankly: “I haven’t the slightest idea, and I don’t care.”

Chomsky believes that Trump’s military actions to provoke the Russians make it very unlikely that a quid pro quo was hatched before the 2016 presidential election.

“He’s increased military action on the Russian border. He’s created a huge… expansion of the military budget aimed at Russia. He’s pulled out of the INF treaty which is a major threat to Russia. So what’s the quid pro quo?” Chomsky asked.

Chomsky’s conclusion drove a stake through the heart of liberal Russia fantasists: “There’s no evidence of any Russian effect on the Presidential election… It’s not a serious charge. There’s lots of things to condemn about Trump, but not that.”

Many other prominent left-wing voices who operate outside of the corporate media have joined Chomsky in calling out the ridiculousness of the phony Russian collusion narrative.

Although there are many sick liberal individuals who will continue to deny the obvious reality, the biggest miscarriage of justice in American history has finally come to an end. The damage caused to the rule of law cannot be undone until the people who perpetrated this deception pay mightily for their seditious plot.

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