VIDEO: Now Rashida Tlaib Wants $20 Minimum Wage Because Milk Is Expensive

Tlaib 20 Minimum Wage

In a stunning display of bravery, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is now calling for an increase to the federal minimum wage to $20 per hour, outdoing her fellow Democrats who only want a meager increase to $15 per hour.

While delivering a speech before One Fair Wage, a political organization lobbying for an increase to the federal minimum wage, Tlaib went further than virtually all of her fellow Democrats by demanding an even higher increase to the federal minimum wage to $20 per hour.

Tlaib began by discussing the hardships of those who rely on income earned via tips, “People cannot live on those kinds of wages, and we can’t allow people to be living off of tips, you know, tips wages, or whatever they call it, tips income,” before going on to address a $20 minimum wage.

“Big fights like this one, $15 dollars, by the way when we started it it should have been $15. Now I think it should be $20 to make sure we have a rise,” said Tlaib. “No, it should be $20 an hour, $18 to $20 an hour at this point.”

Tlaib went on to show her complete ignorance of economics, suggesting that costs have already gone up, and thus raising the minimum wage will have no impact on the economy.

“Because everything, all the costs, they say all this is going to raise the cost,” said Tlaib. She went on, rambling, “But I can tell you, milk has gone up, milk has gone up, the cost of everything has gone up, the cost of food has gone up, the cost of a lot of things that we need has gone up already.”

It should be noted that Tlaib’s attempt to justify a minimum wage increase due to the price of milk is highly problematic. As many respectable left-wing media outlets have detailed, there are startling links between dairy consumption and white supremacy.

While Tlaib’s economic paradise may seem to be just around the corner, real life may prove her plan to be as fanciful as it seems.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) recently showed the world what an increase to the federal minimum wage might look like, when at the behest of those working on his presidential campaign, he raised their minimum wage to $15 per hour and then immediately cut their hours.

Big League Politics reported:

For the last weeks, Sanders’s campaign has been rocked with allegations of unfair pay, as the Democrat presidential candidate running on a platform of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour has been paying much of his campaign staff less than the coveted hourly amount.

To accommodate his campaign workers’ request, Sanders relented, and gave them a $15 wage. However, in order to afford such an increase, Sanders had to severely cut back the number of hours each campaign worker is allowed to put into the fledgling presidential campaign.

It appears Democrats will continue to wander further astray from reality as they attempt to outdo each other in the Stunning and Brave department.

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