Video: ‘Obama’s Zombie Regulators’

Video: “Obama’s Zombie Regulators” (Courtesy of Americans for Limited Government)

Why is Richard Cordray still running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? The CFPB is that NSA-like agency designed by Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren, now a senator from Massachusetts, to collect copies of every financial transaction in America and operate outside the oversight of Congress–by hiding it under the titular control of the Federal Reserve.

This is the rhetorical point behind a video produced by Americans for Limited Government “Obama’s Zombie Regulators.”

Richard Manning,  president, Americans for Limited Government, said the video was created to highlight the people left over from President Barack Obama’s administration, who are defending the DC Swamp.

“There is absolutely no excuse for these Obama regulators to continue working on the public dime,” he said

“It’s time for Trump to say ‘you’re fired’ to these dangerous, regulation-loving agency heads so that his Administration can continue to keep our economy moving and government out of people’s wallets and pocketbooks,” he said.

According to the group’s website: “Americans for Limited Government is dedicated to restoring the constitutional, limited powers of government at the federal, state, and local level.  ALG does this by fighting to reduce the size and scope of government, protecting individuals rights, promoting federalism, and rolling back the tyranny of the administrative state.  This will put America first, foster free enterprise, and restore the rule of law.”

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