VIDEO: Palestinian-American Politician Interrupts Virginia Trump Event, Gets Escorted Out By Police

Palestinian American Politician Trump

An anti-Semitic politician from Virginia vocally disrupted an event while President Donald Trump was speaking earlier today, shouting at the president, and was escorted out by police.

Virginia Delegate Ibraheem Samirah (D-Fairfax) was escorted out by police after he interrupted President Trump’s speech, shouting “You can’t send us back, Virginia is my home” while holding a sign that read “deport hate”. He later took to Twitter to defend his actions.

Virginia Mercury reported:

“Mr. President, you can’t send us back; Virginia is our home,” said Del. Ibraheem Samirah, D-Fairfax, shouting as he waved a sign that read “deport hate.”

Samirah, a Palestinian American dentist and the second Muslim lawmaker elected to the General Assembly, won a special election in February to fill the House seat vacated by Jennifer Boysko.

The crowd booed and chanted Trump’s name as police escorted him out of the ceremonial meeting at the Jamestown settlement, which was planned to mark the General Assembly’s status as the oldest continuously operating legislative body in North America.

On Twitter, Samirah posted a press release, and claimed that the people of Virginia supported his decision to interrupt the sitting president of the United States.

“I just disrupted the @realDonaldTrump speech in Jamestown because nobody’s racism should be excused for the sake of being polite,” wrote Samirah on Twitter. “The man is unfit for office and unfit to partake in a celebration of democracy, representation, and our nation’s history of immigrants.”

Interestingly, Big League Politics covered Samirah in depth earlier this year, when he made deplorably anti-Semitic remarks and later provided a lengthy non-apology, calling the discovery of the anti-Semitic statements political in nature and a “slander campaign”.

Big League Politics reported:

Ibraheem Samirah, the Democrat nominee in Virginia’s 86th district House of Delegates election on February 19th, issued a statement Friday evening apologizing for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic social media posts that were published Thursday by Big League Politics. Samirah, a Muslim-American born to Palestinian refugees, said that giving money to Israel is worse than giving money to the Ku Klux Klan and wished for the late Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon to “burn,” in addition to other hateful screeds.

“This slander campaign is using my 5-year old Facebook posts from my impassioned college days, posts that upon reflection and with the blessing of time, I sincerely regret and apologize for. I am so sorry that my ill-chosen words added to the pain of the Jewish community and I seek your understanding and compassion as I prove to you our common humanity,” Samirah stated.

Samirah’s Republican opponent, Air Force veteran Gregg Nelson, is not buying it.

Big League Politics also discovered that one of Samirah’s donors appears to be a radical Muslim who preached “jihad” against Israel:

Virginia 86th district delegate candidate Ibraheem Samirah is not going to drop out of today’s race to win a seat in the heavily Democrat district that represents Herndon. Republican Air Force veteran Gregg Nelson is challenging him.

Samirah erased the endorsement of state senator Jennifer Boysko after Big League Politics exposed his virulently anti-Semitic social media posts, and the Washington Post was forced to cover Samirah’s radical anti-Israel views with a tepid headline about how Tuesday’s election “might provide insight into scandals’ election impact.”

Samirah accepted a campaign contribution from Esam Omeish, a longtime Muslim American Society leader who made some very disturbing comments about jihad against Israel during December 2000 peace talks during the Second Intifada.

Interestingly, the Palestinian-American politician was utterly silent about his own disgusting, bigoted remarks and supporters as he interrupted President Trump earlier today.


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