VIDEO: Park Ranger Tries to Shut Down D.C. Rally Against Illegal Immigration

A press release from the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) said a Park Ranger in Washington, D.C. threw a fit at rally-goers protesting illegal immigration.

The release explains what happened when ALIPAC lawfully assembled to protest outside the White House on June 8:

When organizers for the Stand Up America and Stop Illegal Immigration Rally arrived at Lafayette Square around 11am on June 8, a female park ranger confronted William Gheen of ALIPAC and told him his canvas cart, canvas cooler containing bottled water, and sound system were all “structures” not allowed in the park. Gheen sent the materials back to the hotel with a volunteer while agreeing to keep the microphone and amplifier at the event, but off of the ground.

The angry ranger then came to the demonstration location and insisted no tripods be used. When a person in the crowd started to argue with the angry ranger, William Gheen asked that gentleman five times to stop arguing with park staff and law enforcement. That is when the triggered ranger who was trying to do all she could to cancel the event told Gheen that even the permit holder had no power to remove anyone from the event.

When permit holder Raymond Herrera spoke with her, he asked her why she was yelling at him and she announced, “I’m going to get law enforcement to deal with you and I’m pulling your permit!” as she stormed off.

She then returned with another female officer in a blue shirt who began telling media and activists they could not video tape or record any of the event at all!

That is when Raymond Herrera went and asked DC Metro SWAT officer Jack Eddington to come over to the event. Eddington was cool and calm and diffused the situation, preventing the triggered park ranger from shutting down the rally without just cause.Officer Eddington presented different information, informing protesters they could remove anyone who interfered with the event, and the angry park ranger tempered her reactions after Eddington appeared on the scene.

Video captured by Ford Fischer shows the tail end of the interaction, after the officer arrived to intervene. The female Park Ranger asks not to be filmed, and when rebuked storms off in a huff.


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