VIDEO: Pro-Life Student ‘Spat Upon,’ Threatened With Arrest on University Campus

A Canadian university student is fighting back after horrifying ridicule that she received for being pro-life on campus.

A student at the University of Windsor identified only as Maggie made a video titled Maggie: #TheNewDictatorship, in which she blasts the university for the terror she has endured.

“I’ve been repeatedly dehumanized on my campus because of my pro-life views,” said Maggie. “I was an item of discussion in the classroom. I was spat upon by a professor during a campus outreach. Campus police threatened to arrest me.”

Maggie was allegedly stalked by a hooded man who pushed her up against a wall and asked her if she would “still be anti-choice if you had to make the choice,” clearly threatening her with rape.

Shortly thereafter, the same man left a picture of an aborted child in Maggie’s mailbox, with a note that read “Your baby after I rape you.”

All of this, she said in the video, was allowed by the university administration because the college is a “safe space” for abortion supporters.

“Not a day went by in my second year when I was not dehumanized and lied about on campus,” she said. “Instead of helping me, my women’s center denied me. They told me they wouldn’t help me because it was a ‘pro-choice space.'”

According to a report by LifeSite, who spoke with Maggie, she was spat upon by a professor while writing “Women deserve better than abortion” in chalk on a school sidewalk. ”

“According to Maggie, campus security later called her home about the incident and threatened to have her arrested if she ever did that again, even though the University of Windsor has no policy against chalking,” the report said.

Maggie is still standing tall and fighting for life, despite the violence against her.

“For everything that’s happened to me, none of it is worth even one abortion,” she said.

The University of Windsor did not return Big League Politics’ comment request.

WATCH Maggie’s video here:



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