VIDEO: Punks Mob Security Guard, Back Down When They See He’s Carrying

A video surfaced two of two individuals attacking someone who appears to be a security guard near Chicago’s Magnificent Mile district. After finding out that the guard they were mobbing were armed, the two punks were forced to back down from the brutal attack.

The youths were caught on camera punching and shoving the security guard, and appear to have shoved his head against the wall of a building. The entire incident was filmed on a cell phone camera, and bystanders to the event seemed completely content to watch idly until it became clear that the security guard was armed, at which point they suddenly became concerned.

The guard withdrew a pistol from his belt when the attackers shoved him against another wall. One of the unknown individuals may have pointed what appeared to be either a real or fake weapon at the security guard before he took out the pistol(six seconds into the video of the event).

Watch what happened here:

The guard handled the situation professionally, regardless of the fact that his life may very well have been in danger from the two youths who were attacking him. It’s unclear if the perpetrators of the assault were arrested or not; Chicago crime reports indicate that the two offenders weren’t arrested by the local police, who arrived on the scene too late to take action.

In other news from America’s violent crime capital, police unions have issued a vote of no confidence┬áin the politically connected prosecutor responsible for dropping felony charges against hate hoaxer and actor Jussie Smollett.

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