VIDEO: Raucous Brawl Erupts at Bernie Sanders Rally Over Gun Rights

A raucous brawl erupted live on camera during a Bernie Sanders rally in Colorado in Monday, apparently fueled by a disagreement over gun rights between two Sanders supporters.

Footage of the brawl surfaced Monday night, showing two men aggressively wrestling and crashing into a restricted area of the event in Denver. Sanders’ voice can be heard in the background of the video, moving on with his campaign speech without referring to the fight.

CBS 4 Denver claims to have been sent video documenting the beginning of the altercation. One individual in the fight, who spoke to the local news organization describing his side of the story, was wearing a ‘Black Guns Matter’ t-shirt, intending to display his support of gun rights despite being a progressive Sanders supporter. Another man took offense to the shirt’s supposed slight to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the disagreement boiled over into a violent incident.

The men weren’t removed from the rally after security stepped in to disrupt the ridiculous brawl. They were instead separated for the duration of the Sanders rally.

It’s somewhat pathetic that a white Sanders supporter feels it incumbent on himself to assault an individual who is black for wearing a ‘Black Guns Matter’ t-shirt, if the other participant’s account is to be believed. It’s even more concerning for Sanders’ political movement that some among his supporters can’t tolerate simple political disagreements over commonly supported issues such as gun rights, going to the lengths of starting a violent altercation at a campaign event.

All in all a poor look for Sanders supporters, to have a fight break out between two of their own over an utterly childish political disagreement. If you don’t like someone’s mildly provocative T-shirt, just look somewhere else.

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