Video Reveals Vicious Attack on Asian Man On NYC Subway

New video footage reveals a downright vicious attack on an Asian man on a Manhattan-bound NYC subway train, with an assailant beating the victim and proceeding to choke him unconscious.

Footage of the interaction shows the perpetrator, an African-American male, swinging the first blows at the victim.

The attack appears to have occured on Sunday night. No arrests have been made following the savage beating, with neither the suspect nor the perpetrator named.

In disturbing fashion, the attack was witnessed by as many as a dozen bystanders- none of whom did anything to disrupt the assault, even after the thug began choking the victim in a fashion that could’ve been lethal.

The attack is the second of its kind in recent weeks. A 36-year old man was arrested following a cheap shop beating of a 69-year old Sri Lankan man on a Manhattan subway earlier this month. The attacks come as some within the Asian community are drawing attention to a series of violent incidents in California and New York in which Asians appear to have been targeted. A mass shooting that occurred in Georgia may have targeted Asian massage parlors, although the motive in that incident is allegedly the perpetrator’s sex addiction.

The string of violent incidents in which Asian Americans appear to be targeted could spur an exodus from major US cities, with members of the demographic moving to suburban communities in reaction to violent crime.

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