VIDEO: Roseanne Barr Seeks Peace In Israel As Hollywood Keeps Attacking Her

Roseanne Barr is headed to Israel to be away from the media glare when ABC publicly kills off her character on the season premiere of “The Conners.” Barr made the announcement in her interview with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Barr told #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka that “Roseanne” the character will die from an opioid overdose. Actor John Goodman said that his character would be “mopey” in the aftermath of his fictitious wife’s death. To many, Hollywood is performing a sacrifice of America’s most beloved Middle American housewife.

Barr gave a brave and honest interview Tuesday with Dr. Oz, saying that her tweet directed at Valerie Jarrett helped to awaken the people.

Jarrett made moves to undermine the United States and Israel during her tenure as White House adviser, weaponizing domestic government entities like the IRS against political opponents and going out of her way to embolden Iran. Obama shipped billions of taxpayer dollars to Iran in the form of cash pallets.

Barr’s interview comes on the heels of her revelation that ABC plans to kill off her beloved television character with an opioid overdose: a sad “insult,” in Barr’s view, to the people in Middle America who loved her fictional family — plus the millions of Americans suffering from the opioid crisis in America’s heartland.

“That is the left’s definition of racism, is to be a Jew who supports Israel…” Barr said. “It’s not my business what other people think.”

“I feel like I woke people up to the reality of the existential threat to my people,” she said.


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