Video Shows Americans Cheering After Pilot Announces End To Biden Mask Mandate

End To Biden Mask Mandate

A video posted Monday on Twitter showed passengers on an aircraft listening to a message by the captain announcing that customers and staff alike will no longer be forced to wear face masks when traveling in by plane.

The pilot stated that “on April 18th, the Biden administration announced that the Transportation Security Administration will no longer enforce the federal mandate requiring masks in all U.S. airports and onboard aircraft,” before he was met with a rapturous round of cheers and applause in response.

Cheers of “woohoo!” and “finally!” could be heard after the captain’s words.

“Effective immediately, masks are optional for all airport employees, crew members, and…” the pilot concluded.

Other accounts on Twitter shared photos of maskless Americans at U.S. airports.

End To Biden Mask Mandate

These photos and videos come after a federal judge ruled the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mask mandate illegal Monday. The decision came from Tampa U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, an appointee of former President Trump. Mizelle lambasted the CDC’s orders, arguing that the organization exercised a completely false authority in its dictates that Americans mask up.

“Wearing a mask cleans nothing,” Mizelle had written. “At most, it traps virus droplets. But it neither ‘sanitizes’ the person wearing the mask nor ‘sanitizes’ the conveyance.”

Mizelle also noted that forcing the wearing of a mask “imposes directly on liberty interests” — a legal move that the CDC has no authority to enact.

The lawsuit aiming to overturn the order was originally filed in July 2021 by two plaintiffs and the Health Freedom Defense Fund, an organization described in the judge’s order as a nonprofit group that “opposes laws and regulations that force individuals to submit to the administration of medical products, procedures and devices against their will.”

The Biden Administration and Justice Department have yet to offer a comment on whether or not they plan to appeal the ruling.

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End To Biden Mask Mandate

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