VIDEO: Sputnik News Writer Cheers On Venezuelan Socialism, Claims It’s Better Than U.S.

Morgan Artyukhina of Sputnik News praises Venezuelan democracy, believing that it is superior to that of America’s.

Russia Today correspondent Dan Cohen applauded Artyukhina’s analysis of Venezuela on Twitter.

Cohen said that Artyukhina “makes a great case that Venezuela – which is depicted in western media as a cartoonish dictatorship – is much more democratic than the United States”.

In the video, Artyukhina asserted that “There is so much we can learn in the United States from what they’ve done in Venezuela. From building millions of homes for the homeless.”

The Sputnik News writer even suggested that Venezuelan democracy is superior to American democracy.

They have a form of democracy that we’ve never seen before. They’re re-drafting their Constitution. Our constitution hasn’t been drafted in 250 years.

Veneuzela was all over the news this week, after Interim President Juan Guaidó led an uprising against strongman Nicolás Maduro.

Although it failed, this uprising has spurred Senator Lindsey Graham to call for military action in the country.

However, there were cooler heads in the Republican Party like Matt Gaetz, who acknowledged what socialism has done to Venezuela, but also recognizes the merits of non-interventionism in this case.

Many on the political Left, espcially the contronversial congresswoman Ilhan Omar, used the Venezuelan crisis to score anti-American talking points.

No matter how much evidence is presented, the Left continues to deny socialism’s negative impact on Venezuela.

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