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VIDEO: Underground Alleged Sex-Trafficking Bunker In Arizona…POLICE WON’T INVESTIGATE



The mainstream media is clearly trying to make light of the underground bunker that was found in Tucson, AZ late last week by Lewis Arthur, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer and the Veterans On Patrol, calling it “nothing more than a homeless camp”.

What Veterans On Patrol discovered was something more sinister than just a homeless camp. Barbie dolls, hair dye, little bracelets, a girl’s earring, pornographic magazines, panties, toys, an outside toilet at the base of a tree. Then you have the underground prison cell (a septic tank turned on it’s side) with an entryway so tight that only a small child could fit with the assistance of a wooden board to help the children get in and out. The bottom of this container is round, with very little ventilation. You wouldn’t put ANYONE you love in this entrapment willingly.

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This was more than just a homeless camp and you wouldn’t have to look very hard to come to that conclusion.

A child’s swing hangs from a tree beside wrist and neck restraints that have been tied and nailed to a set of two trees. The underground bunker and site itself was for temporary use, not long term. The structure was built with the intent of secrecy. It’s packed away, underground in a desolate side road off I-19 in Tucson, AZ, out of site from the ground level or above via drone. There were little signs of cooking or utensils that would be necessary if this were indeed a homeless camp, although one plastic fork was found that is bound to have priceless DNA on it. What VOP did find were cribs, car seats, playpens, children’s shoes of different sizes, mattresses to fit the small toddler bed frames, and children’s clothing. If it weren’t for the underground bunker, restraints on the trees, and all the other above mentioned items one might be able to get on board with the idea that this was nothing more than a homeless camp but there’s more that the mainstream media isn’t reporting.

Lewis Arthur describes finding blueprints on the Cemex Co. land of an underground rail system that runs along the I-19 corridor, a church and holding cells. Their plans to expand were disturbed when the vets discovered this site.

The danger the vets face watching over this site is real. A Hispanic man pulling up on a yellow “quad” (slang for ATV) and wearing a mask confronts the team with verbal threats and shooting 4 rounds off into the air with a long gun before pulling away.

Why would anyone be coming to threaten them if it were just a homeless camp? Certainly no homeless person would possess both an ATV as well as a long gun. Not to mention, no one would be that brazen unless there were something to be upset about them uncovering or disturbing in some way.

Tucson police did go to the site on Friday but instead of taking evidence when they left, they took 2 of the vets with Veterans On Patrol arresting them for trespassing. They did make a report and take photos, but nothing further. According to Channel 4 News Tucson, the Tucson Police Department say investigators have been to the scene which is draining the resources of the department and that the site is nothing more than a homeless camp. They also say there’s no sign of human trafficking or child trafficking, and that anyone being found on the camp will be charged with trespassing.

The general public feels very differently and expressed their concerns to Channel 4-Tucson:

Veteran Lewis Arthur has been releasing live streams on the Veterans On Patrol Alpha Co. Team Pulaski Facebook page and continues to film updates on the scene.

Watch the latest video on their page where the Tucson Police Department arrives on scene to speak with Lewis Arthur along with some civilians who explain to Arthur that he and his father built the camp themselves.







The story is still developing.



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