VIDEO: Violent Leftist Mob Attacks Rand Paul, Trump Convention Speech Attendees in D.C

Republicans leaving the White House following President Donald Trump’s historic convention speech were assailed by a vicious mob of Black Lives Matter leftist rioters, with the crowds attacking Senator Rand Paul.

Leftist rioters screamed bloody murder at the Trump supporters as they peacefully left downtown D.C.

Leaving the White House, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was quickly identified by the mob, and if not for the presence of a sizable detachment of Capital Police, he would’ve been torn to pieces. Paul confirmed that his life was saved by law enforcement in a tweet after reaching safety.

Video of the event shows leftist rioters aggressively attacking police officers with the hopes of hurting Senator Paul.

The contrast between the patriotic, wholesome and peaceful supporters of President Donald Trump leaving the convention speech and the leftist violent rioters intent on causing harm to Americans exercising their First Amendment rights couldn’t be any more clearer.

The Black Lives Matter mob had earlier threatened to burn down a historic Episcopal church if their political demands were not met by the government.

Florida Republican Congressman Brian Mast was also assailed by the vicious mob, although it doesn’t appear the group recognized him as a Republican legislator as they did Rand Paul.

The emotionally imbalanced crowd proceeded to assail any nominal Republican Trump supporters with every banal and generic left-wing insult they could think of.

The President’s convention speech itself was the highlight of the evening, however, and was met with overwhelming support from conservatives, American nationalists, and Republicans. Watch the full convention speech here.

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