VIDEO: Whistleblower Infiltrates Drag Show in Ithaca, NY Featuring Children Throwing Money at Lewd Dancers

A whistleblower went undercover recently to infiltrate a LGBT pride event in Ithaca, NY featuring drag queens where children gave money to scantily-clad dancers gyrating their bodies on stage.

Liberty activist Rocco Lucente captured the footage and posted it on his Twitter account, noting that the Tompkins County Public Library subsidized the lewd and profane display:

Since posting the video footage on his Facebook account, Lucente has been barraged by LGBT cultists claiming that he is the creep and child abuser because he recorded their public grooming event.

“For exposing the predatory nature of the Ithaca Pride child drag show, I am ironically being accused of being a predator,” Lucente told Big League Politics.

“That they would levy such an accusation is clear proof that these people know just how sick their behavior truly is. If exposing it is predatory, then the behavior itself must be that much worse,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on other times where precocious children were sexualized by LGBT perverts during drag queen events:

Shocking new video has emerged of children dancing at a drag queen show in Miami, Fla., which shows how youth are being targeted for induction into the LGBT lifestyle.

Social media influencer Angela Stanton-King drew attention to the drag show that took place at the Palace gay club in Miami involving little girls.

“Why in the hell do these people got these f***ing little bitty-ass kids at this f***ing drag show, y’all?” she asked in a video posted on Instagram.

“It is 11:40 at night, these people have children in a f***ing drag show,” Stanton-King said incredulously. 

She was appalled by the display and derided the exploitative nature of the show in the strongest of terms.

“Telling her ‘get her f***ing money,’” Stanton-King said. “Look at this f***ing bulls**t, look at this at this bulls**t now. Look! Look! They’re giving them f***ing money now, little girls, now.”

“[They’re] throwing money at these little girls,” she added.

The drag queen accompanied the little girls onto the stage as onlookers threw money. She made grooming comments that made the little girls feel comfortable with being exploited.

“Hold on, that’s a twenty, give me that,” the drag queen said to one of the kids as he grabbed the cash and put it in his shirt. Seconds later, he would give the cash to the kid, saying, “Your first twenty as a drag queen means you’ve made it.”

“Got them picking f***ing money off the floor like they’re f***ing strippers or some s**t, now,” Stanton-King said.

Lucente deserves credit for going into the lion’s den and getting evidence of the LGBT grooming of children. This is how the broader public will be awakened to this threat. Civilization will not be able to persist unless this demonic pedo plague is crushed.

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