VIDEO: Women In P***Y Hats Protest Keith Ellison With Signs On Minnesota Highway Overpass

Pro-American, Pro-Israel Anti-Keith Ellison activist Marni Hockenberg took to Twitter Thursday from a Minneapolis freeway overpass, live streaming her opposition to open borders, cop killer lover & Jew hater Keith Ellison who is running for Minnesota Attorney General.



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Within his own DFL party, Ellison has been given a  free pass for his corruption and the multiple domestic violence accusations that have been brought against him. As Deputy Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Ellison has enjoyed the double standard of the #MeToo movement, as Democrat Party leaders have remained silent on the evidence which strongly supports claims from two women who dated Ellison and have accused him of physically and emotionally abusing them.

The highly credible allegations of psychological and physical abuse Karen Monahan and Amy Alexander have made against Ellison are supported by medical reports, text messages, and a police report.

Hockenberg in her Twitter profile describes herself as a Zionist, American Patriot and Trump Lover. She and several other women in Minnesota wore pink pussy hats as they held large signs on the overpass that feature Ellison wearing a wife beater, raising his hand to hit a woman with the words “Bye Bye Keith”, a slogan created by Big League Politics Creator Laura Loomer, who has confronted Ellison on camera about the abuse allegations several times.


Despite Amy Klobuchar grilling now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh involving laughably false allegations of sexual assault, Sen. Klobuchar has been supportive of Ellison. Talk about a Double Standard!

As Marnie live streamed while holding up a #ByeByeKeith Banner, many cars honked their car horns to show solidarity.

Ellison’s opponent, Doug Wardlow is a highly qualified, well respected attorney, husband and father who has slammed Ellison in their recent debates about the “sham” DNC controlled faux “investigation” regarding Karen Monahan’s highly credible allegations of domestic abuse & assault. Wardlow has grained substantial ground in the Minnesota Attorney General race, which will be a historic win for Republicans if Ellison loses on November 6

Meet Doug Wardlow.

Hockenberg knows the real grave threat to freedom Ellison poses if elected as Attorney General. A pro- Sharia Ellison would be an unthinkable expansion of Sharia friendly polices and laws, which pose a threat not only to women, but all non-Muslims. If elected as Attorney General, Ellison also plans on importing more Somali refugees and has expressed his desire to make Minnesota an open borders sanctuary state for illegals who pose an extreme and unacceptable threat. Thankfully Doug Wardlow has surged into a 7 point lead per latest polling after trailing Ellison significantly just months ago, prior to being LOOMERED three times.

Ellison was the first Muslim elected to US Congress, and has not been shy about his associations with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and Nihad Awad, the head of CAIR, which is a designated Islamic terrorist organization in United Arab Emirates.

As a result of the numerous allegations of domestic violence that have been brought against him, as well as his support for ANTIFA, which is a designated domestic terrorist organization by the US Department of State, Ellison did not receive an endorsement from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minneapolis.

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