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VIDEOS: Pro-America Activists Hound Bill Clinton On His Book Tour



“Bill Clinton is a rapist!!”
“Apologize to Monica!!”
“What about your son, Danney Williams?”

The “red-pilling” continues with protesters gathering outside Bass Concert Hall in Austin, Texas, on Sunday during one of former president Bill Clinton’s scheduled appearances to promote his book, “The President is Missing”. Some protesters had signs or shirts asking Clinton to apologize to Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and all of his other victims both known and unknown.

Demonstrators called out the Clinton double standard peacefully on Sunday while those paying $100 to see Clinton promote his book continued to show their ignorance when asked about Clinton’s victims as well as his recorded flights to Epstein Island over the years. Most paying supporters weren’t able to answer simple questions about Clinton, including why they were even there to begin with.

Clinton was interrupted at least 5 times during his Austin speaking engagement to promote his book. Danney Williams was asked about, Epstein Island trips, Clinton’s victims over the years, Benghazi, Weinstein and more. Clinton tried to ignore the protesters each time he was interrupted and focus on his fictional presidential alter-ego, but the protesters didn’t make it easy for him.

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See video from InfoWars below:

WATCH! Bill Clinton Confronted Five Times At Austin Speaking Event

WATCH! Bill Clinton Confronted Five Times At Austin Speaking Event

Posted by Alex Jones on Monday, June 11, 2018

The turnout in Austin for Clinton’s promotional event was so low that they shut down entire sections of the auditorium, but the hope is that some of the attendees will fact check and look into some of what was overheard being said by the protesters, and get a hefty dose of reality via red-pill.

A short time into the hour-long conversation held at Irvine Auditorium in Philadelphia a few days ago, between former President Clinton and award-winning author James Patterson at the Free Library’s Author Events Series, someone stood up in the audience confronting Clinton. The attendee asked Clinton about his 26 recorded flights to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private island via Epstein’s Boeing 727 “Lolita Express”. The man was Howard Caplan, host of The Traffic Report Show on YouTube. Caplan yelled out to the stage, “Why did you fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express 26 times? What were you doing on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane?” He was quickly escorted out of the building by event security.

Full clip:

This is not the first time Howard Caplan has confronted the Clintons, publicly bashing HIllary Clinton and taking a brutal beating during a pro-Trump rally in Center City, Philadelphia in 2017, by anti-Trump protesters. The beating was so severe it left him with several injuries, including bruises around his eyes, scrapes to his legs and six staples in his head.

The event at Irving Auditorium was held only a few days after Clinton appeared on the “Today Show” where he told news anchor, Craig Melvin, that he did not owe a personal apology to Monica Lewinsky and instead hinted that he was the true victim, “Nobody believes that I got out of that for free,” the former president said. “I left the White House $16 million in debt.”

Journalist Laura Loomer was also recently kicked out of a book singing at the Barnes and Noble in New York, when she was peacefully standing in line waiting to meet with the former president–having already paid for her signed copy of Clinton’s book. After being approached and told she would have to leave the event, Loomer asked Barnes and Noble security several times why she was being escorted out of the store, but they were not able to give her a solid answer. Their only response was to repeat over and over that they were sorry, and for Loomer to please go with them. “I’m sorry miss, would you please follow us?”. No answer was ever given to Ms. Loomer on why she was not allowed to meet Bill Clinton, after paying for the signed book and not causing any disruption whatsoever.

Politicians writing books is nothing new, but former president Bill Clinton’s new fictional-thriller, co-authored by best-selling author James Patterson, claims in it’s cover flap “details only a president would know”. Although considered fiction, the book gives a look inside the author’s worldview-and in this case, a president’s worldview. “Working on a book about a sitting President–drawing on what I know about the job, life in the White House, and the way Washington works–has been a lot of fun, said Clinton when asked about the overall plot of the book. “And working with Jim has been terrific. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time.”

Former President Clinton described planning his book, “The President is Missing” as early on as 2016, during the election between President Trump and his wife, candidate Hillary Clinton. “We decided [to write] on cyber-security before the 2016 election,” Clinton stated, clearly referring to the left’s “Russian Collusion Delusion”, that even 2 years later, Mueller and Co have yet to produce any evidence of.

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