Vietnam’s Deputy Defense Minister Declares that Vietnam Will Firmly Stand Next to Russia

In early July, Vietnam’s Deputy Defense Minister Hoang Xuan Chien declared that Vietnam will be next to Russia under all circumstances due to the two country’s ironclad commitment to foreign strong bilateral ties. The Vietnamese officials made these remarks at a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

“Vietnam will always be with you in any conditions,” he proclaimed.

Per the Vietnamese official, Russia and Vietnam have agreed on additional measures to bolster defense cooperation.

“This morning, Comrade [Russian Defense Minister Sergey] Shoigu and I agreed on how to give an impetus to our defense cooperation to promote our comprehensive strategic partnership in accordance with the comprehensive strategic partnership statement that was signed two years ago during the visit of our Vietnamese president to Russia,” the Vietnamese recounted.

He asserted that Vietnam is preparing to make “every effort to implement” the plans that were agreed with Russia. Hoang Xuan Chien claimed that  defense cooperation is among five critical areas of cooperation with Russia.

The Vietnamese official stated that one purpose of his visit to Moscow was to talk about plans for the development of the Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Center in the near future. 

“We will discuss areas of research and development work that both sides want to advance. For example, how to improve the durability of weapons and equipment that we acquired from the USSR and the Russian Federation, as well as health preservation issues with respect to submariners, military pilots and soldiers who work in harsh conditions,” the Vietnamese official commented.

Russia and Vietnam will continue to be solid defense partners. Given the two countries’ historical ties, these two will only further tighten with how zealous US foreign policy has turned towards authoritarian countries such as Russia and Vietnam.

As a result, they will deepen ties with each other to prevent further US subversion.

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