Viktor Orbán and Matteo Salvini Form Holy Alliance Against EU Globalism

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini are forming a holy alliance against European Union globalism.

The website of the Hungarian government reports that the two leaders held talks on May 2, 2019 to discuss “the importance of strong nation states, on the need to give priority in Europe to European culture based on Christian values, and on border defence.”

The two leaders came to an agreement on what Europe is facing right now:

There will be no strong Europe without strong and successful nation states; that on the continent priority must be given to European culture based on Christian values; and that “Europe’s borders must be defended against the migrant invasion”.

Orbán congratulated Salvini for “his efforts in achieving on the sea what we have done on land”.

This appears to be the makings of a strong pro-nationalist alliance between the two countries.

The Hungarian Prime Minister proclaimed that “the citizens of Europe will benefit from listening to Italy and Hungary rather than President Macron.”

In this same meeting, Orbán detailed  a new proposal that establishes a new governing body of interior ministers within Schengen Area countries.  Orbán suggested “that powers related to migration should be taken away from the European Commission and delegated to such a body.”

Indeed, Salvini and Orbán have been Europe’s fiercest advocates against open borders.

BLP covered Salivni’s recent successes against illegal immigration by substantially reducing the flow of migrants coming into the country.

Both of the leaders have seen what open borders has done to Western Europe, so they’ve taken it upon themselves to lead a new charge against the EU’s globalism.




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