Viktor Orban Believes NATO is Hesitant About Deploying its Troops to Ukraine

According to a statement that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban released on May 24, 2023, Ukraine will not be able to come out victorious against Russia in the latest phase of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. He cited NATO’s unwillingness to deploy troops to Ukraine as the reason why Ukraine cannot achieve victory in its existential struggle against Russia. Instead, Orban is calling for a peaceful settlement to be reached as soon as possible. 

While addressing a public debate at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha on May 24, Orban stated, “If you look at how things stand in reality, at the figures, the situation in general, and the fact that NATO is reluctant to send its troops [to Ukraine], you will clearly see that the Ukrainians will be unable to win a victory on the battlefield.”

Orbán’s remarks came in response to an inquiry about whether he actually believed that Ukraine had no chance of achieving military success. 

When he was questioned about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the Hungarian prime minister stressed that Hungary has favored a peaceful resolution to the conflict while constantly demanding an immediate ceasefire. “We must think of how to save people’s lives. This is my position,” Orban proclaimed.

The Hungarian Prime Minister has knocked some sense into European media figures and intelligentsia. The fact is that Hungary remains the last sane state in Europe thanks to its realist foreign policy where it does not blindly commit to the Collective West nor the emerging Eurasian powers. 

Hungary’s example should be emulated by any state that desires peace and tranquility abroad.

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