Viktor Orbán Calls for Russia and the United States to Hold Talks to End Conflict in Ukraine 

During a press conference on December 21, 2022, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared that Russia and the United States must hold talks in order to end the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.   

“What is really needed [to end the Ukrainian conflict] is not Russia-Ukraine, but Russia-US talks,” he stated.

When Orbán was asked if Hungary would mediate such talks, he stated that the Hungarian government is willing to help facilitate such a move. “But the main thing is that such negotiations should take place after all,” Orbán stressed irrespective of who will be the third party involved in this scenario. 

Under the leadership of Viktor Orbán, Hungary has established itself as the Collective West’s most realist country in terms of foreign policy. It has masterfully navigated the turbulent geopolitical waters of multipolarity by being able to positively interact with emerging Eurasian powers such as China and Russia. In the latter case, the Hungarian leaders understand the importance of maintaining positive relations with Russia due to Hungary’s sensitive energy concerns. Europe, on the other hand, has completely thrown caution to the wind by heavily sanctioning Russia, thereby, creating a massive energy crisis across the Old Continent. 

At the same time, Hungary has stood out for its defense of traditional Western values and the ethnic integrity of its historic nation — actions that stray afar from the Collective West’s post-national ethos. 

Given Hungary’s contrarian political behavior, it has quickly become one of the whipping boys for the Collective West and the transnational non-governmental organization complex. The sad truth is that in this Bizarro World of politics, Orbán’s otherwise sensitive call for peace talks will be met with great hostility in Brussels, London, and Washington.

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