Viktor Orban Calls on the European Union and the United States to Cooperate with Russia to Promote Peace 

At the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha on May 23, 2023, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called on the Collective West, which includes the European Union and the United States, to forge an agreement with Russia that would set up a stable security architecture for Europe.

“We need an agreement with Russia on the future architecture of security in Europe,” Orban declared. The Hungarian Prime Minister’s speech was live streamed on the Hungarian government’s Facebook page.

Per the Hungarian leader, this issue should be talked about at length as soon as the Ukraine conflict is settled and the talks should involve the US. “This thing should be settled between Russia and the United States,” Orban said, alluding to the future security architecture of Europe.

Orban stressed that Hungary has been repeatedly in favor of establishing an immediate cease fire that would establish peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. The Hungarian government has been the sanest Western government on international affairs in how it has pursued a realist approach with regards to the Eurasian powers such as Russia and China. Instead of blindly demonizing, sanctioning, or destabilizing these countries, Hungary has engaged in constructive diplomacy and economic relations with these countries.

More countries would be wise to follow in Hungary’s footsteps here. 

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