Viktor Orban Calls Out European Union’s Sanctions War Against Russia 

On Kossuth radio, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the European Union’s anti-Russia sanctions have been a total failure. Orban stressed that not only have the sanctions failed but they have blown up in the Old Continent’s face during his radio appearance on October 28, 2022. 

“The sanctions have not worked as Brussels had expected when they imposed them. We had come up with a plan to dig a pit for the Russians, and then we were the ones who fell into it, and now we have to decide what’s to be done. The EU says keep digging. That does not look sensible though,” Orban stated.

On previous occasions, the Hungarian leader said Europe was split into two camps — one that is fanatically pro-sanctions and the other being sanctions skeptic. Orban stressed that the sanctions against Russia had not been implemented in a democratic manner. Instead, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels implemented these sanctions policies. 

The sanctions have been part and parcel of the West’s response to Russia’s military incursion into Ukraine. Time and time again, sanctions have proven useless when it comes to effecting regime change and preventing state actors from carrying out controversial geopolitical acts.

The Collective West has clearly not gotten the memo much to its citizens’ detriment. Should this sanctions insanity continue apace, the West will not only face potential economic self-destruction but also additional military escalation on Russia’s part.

It’s going to take leaders like Orban to insert reason in a time when foreign policy irrationality. For the West to move forward, Orban like leaders must step up to the plate and take power across the West.

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