VIOLENT LEFT: Truck Apparently Set Ablaze For Trump Bumper Stickers

A man in Vancouver, WA claims his truck was set ablaze because of his support for President Donald Trump.

Johnny MacKay left his truck in the parking lot of a local Bar and Grille overnight, as he had drank too much to drive home.

The truck, which featured two pro-Trump stickers was found charred, with “Trump” spray-painted on the side.

His truck was severely damaged, with fire damage rendering his truck inoperable. This creates a lot of problems for MacKay, who used his truck to drive for Uber part-time.

MacKay was shocked to find his truck in that condition, but was aware of why, considering the modern political climate.

“It’s crazy,” MacKay told Fox 12. “You watch the news, you see this stuff on television, you see the protests and the damage and stuff, you never think it’s going to happen to you.”

The bar’s owner is turning over surveillance footage to Vancouver Police. This story will be updated if that footage becomes available to the public.

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