Violent Sexual Predators Are Leading Radical Leftist Groups

The more that we unmask various members of Antifa groups around the nation, the more we confirm what most on the right have suspected – that these groups are dominated by sexually exploitative undesirables.

Far Left Watch recently compiled a Twitter thread of stories on Antifa-related perverts.

Last week, Micah Rhodes, a prominent leader of Portland’s Resistance, was convicted of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor in a Washington court.

According to a report by Oregon Live, Rhodes, now 24, had sex with an underage girl when he was 20. The girl could not consent because she was not an adult.

He was previously registered as a sex offender stemming from a conviction of first-degree sexual abuse and sodomy, but those records are sealed because he was a minor at the time of his conviction.

In two weeks Rhodes is scheduled to begin a trial in a different Washington county to face four counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse. These charges stem from his alleged sexual contact with a 17-year-old boy whom he met on the dating app Grindr when he was 21.

In September, Dave Stano, a founding member of Redneck Revolt, another Antifa-style group, was disavowed by Greater Seattle Defense Committee over allegations of sexual abuse.

The group, whose website reads like sequel to the Communist Manifesto, collects funds “to oppose the vicious onslaught of the master class with a powerful defense, especially when labor is engaged in industrial strife.”

“It has recently come to our attention that Dave Strano, a founding member of Redneck Revolt and the John Brown Gun Club, has demonstrated a history of betrayal, and sexual and psychological abuse, and we issue this statement in solidarity with the survivors of those behaviors,” the group wrote.

Radical leftist movements have long been fraught with sexual violence.

Numerous rapes and sexual assaults were reported during the Occupy movement in 2011 and 2012. Some of the alleged sexual violence took place in the infamous tent camp in Zuccotti Park in New York City. Other allegation poured in from Occupiers in Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Baltimore.


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