VIP SOURCE: Boehner Lackey Johnny DeStefano Making Swamp Hires In The White House, Leaking To Maggie Haberman

President Donald Trump is being undermined on staffing decisions by an ungrateful establishment operative named Johnny DeStefano, a former John Boehner political director who now runs the White House personnel office (PPO). DeStefano is the reason for the many Trump administration hires who work against our great president and try to water down his policies.

The President recently met in the Roosevelt Room of the White House with DeStefano, Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka, and two other young women — one was either Sylvia May Davis or Courtney Mullen. But the President was only interested in hearing from his special guests Ginni Thomas, wife of a Supreme Court justice, Frank Gaffney the anti-terrorism expert, and Connie Hair of the tea party who serves as Louie Gohmert’s chief of staff.

The topics of the meeting were: Muslim immigration, foreign policy, and staffing.

President Trump asked about staffing problems, and Connie points right at DeStefano and says, “With all due respect, it’s him.” This is confirmed by multiple eyewitness sources who were present at the meeting.

Connie Hair did a good job of notifying the President of Johnny DeStefano’s treachery.

Then an article appeared in the New York Times by Maggie Haberman ATTACKING Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and Connie Hair for supposedly being exremists. Johnny DeStefano leaked the hit job, according to sources.

The only person in the room who would know about staffing details is Destefano, who attended Saint Louis University.┬áVery protected details. DeStefano worked at PPO, he’s the only one who would know.

The President then received a hand-written letter delivered to him in the Oval Office, with a list of all the times DeStefano has undermined the President.

DeStefano is friends with Courtney Mullen, the special assistant to the director of presidential personnel. Courtney attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

A White House staffer named Sylvia May Davis is also helping to keep groundbreaking American news items off of the President’s desk. Sylvia is friends with Stephen Miller, who is advising the President on immigration as migrants invade the American mainland. Sylvia is a mass immigration supporter.

She literally puts Bill Kristol white papers on President Trump’s desk.

Sylvia was the Student Body Vice President at the University of Kansas.

A lot of people in Washington just don’t do what they promise.

Look at this letter Chuck Schumer sent a concerned New York resident who complained about mass immigration in the year 2000. Schumer promised that he was committed to deporting illegal immigrants and keeping our Country safe. What a lie.

But the only way to keep the Country going in the right direction is to expose these people for who they are.

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