Viral Rant Demonstrates How Democrat Blood Libels Against White People Will Lead to Mass Slaughter

An important message is going viral on Twitter explaining how blood libels against white people will inevitably lead to racist violence in the future.

Podcast host Jack Murphy explained how the Democrats are setting up white people to be killed off en masse because of their reckless, racist and disgusting ideology:

Trump supporters are now getting placed on the federal no fly list for attending protests and engaging in peaceful activism. It is not difficult to see the writing on the wall:

Murphy explained how conservatives have lost the culture war and now all the snowflakes who they laughed at on college campuses dominate every aspect of society:

He used evidence to show that anti-white hatred is built into the DNA of modern woke leftism, and the intellectual foundation is being created for whites to be targeted with land collectivization policies similar to what has taken in place in South Africa and Zimbabwe:

Big League Politics has reported on how black nationalism took hold in South Africa, and then the country was “liberated” into becoming the rape and murder capital of the world where a genocide is being perpetrated against whites:

The mainstream press is once again silent after the president of a socialist South African political party called for the deaths of white people.

“You kill one of us, we kill five white people,” shouted Andile Mngxitama at a Saturday rally where he called for revolution. “We kill their children, we kill their women, we kill their dogs, we kill their cats, we kill anything we find in our way.”

Mngxitama is the president of South Africa’s socialist Black First Land First Party (BFL)…

After facing intense public backlash, BFL and Mngxitama were forced to walk back the statement. According to Lindsay Maasdorp, spokesperson for the BFL, Mngxitama was talking about killing whites in self-defense.

In August, members of South Africa’s radical left Economic Freedom Fighter party were filmed chanting “white men must die.”

Mngxitama’s is another in a series of calls for the deaths of white people in South Africa, which is on the brink of a civil war, that has gone unreported by Western press. In fact, the media has clutched its pearls, claiming that calls for the genocide of whites in South Africa are a white supremacist dog-whistle perpetuated by President Donald J. Trump.”

Murphy is not kidding. If Americans do not have the courage to stand united to crush the leftist threat, white people and Western Civilization will inevitably be targeted by the new diverse majority emboldened to be violent and entitled by globalist propaganda.

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