Viral Video: Middle school bully faces criminal charges


A vicious bully from Gwinnett County, Georgia, who was filmed in a widely circulated viral video is facing criminal charges after millions of online views sparked outrage.

“On Monday, one of our students struck another student with a chair and again in the head with her hand,” said Eddie Maresh, principal of Creekland Middle School in a letter to concerned parents.

“As a result of a video of this incident being posted on social media, I have received a number of calls from parents who were concerned and who wanted to make us aware of this incident,” he said.

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“I want to reassure you that we are aware of this situation and have dealt with it appropriately,” he said.

Maresh said that the student has been disciplined by the school, and is facing criminal charges, though he did not specify the type of discipline or criminal charge.

A re-post of the video on Facebook, which has 15 million views, has left many commenters questioning the whereabouts of the teacher.

Commenter Brianna De Leo asked, “Where the hell is the teacher during this!?”

Maresh said that since the event happened in the classroom, that the school is addressing the issue with the teacher.

“As you know we are focused on providing students with a safe and positive teaching and learning environment.”

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